The Tilal Story

The corporation founder's business roots were planted in 1945 and specialized in the trading of basic commodities.
This business emerged to cover jewelry and watches in the late sixties. The scope also expanded to form the first fronting agents and insurance providers in the early seventies. Heritage was transferred to the second generation, who expanded the portfolio further into the trading business and covered a wide range of commodities.

The third generation took the heritage and partnered with prestigious family offices in the GCC.

Business covers various ranges of sectors such as Insurance, Travel & Tourism, Financial Services, Real Estate Development, Contracting and Defense and Security.

Our Vision

To bring latest international technologies and know how to the MEA region and help the future generations of young and talented individuals to live modern life with security and prosperity. We, at Tilal Capital, believe that knowledge is the base of prosperity and peace.

Our Mission

Tilal Capital is aiming at establishing businesses on the base of strong alliances and affiliations with regional and international first class corporations; leveraging its backbone and expertise in the various fields and different industries. By harnessing expertise and resources, we generate a sustainable business that grants financial returns and builds a tensile financial connection in the MEA Region.

Our Values

We are proud of our high ethics, our respect and our candor along the planning, execution and completion of our projects.
We continuously search for new innovative ways and differentiated advanced technologies that can create competitive edge within the region.
We are driven by understanding the real needs of our clients and business partners.

Board of Directors

  • Ayman Alafifi

    Vice Chairman
  • Wael Altawil

    Managing Director and CEO
  • Salem Alzaben

    Board Member
  • Samer Al Isis

    Board Member


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    Capital Management

    We work with our own capital and the capital of our clients wisely and assiduously.
    Entrusted money will be invested either directly in business or in technology, which generates a solid income for our clients and future generations.

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    International Investment

    We work closely with International Funds to utilize
    their existing base funds, to create new hubs, when needed, to establish the financing model that facilitates and brings technology and solutions to the specific market within the related region.

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    Project Development

    We leverage our expertise to develop projects in the multifarious business segments within the ME and Greater Africa Region. This is done through the affiliation with the most advanced companies within each and every sector.

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    We trade with all kind of commodities: industrial goods, machinery, construction material and FMCG. This sector includes the distribution hub and the related supply chain facilities in UAE, Jordan and Egypt.

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    We have our RE brokerage representation and franchise involved in exclusive agencies that deal in the secondary market in UAE.

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    Through our affiliation and network in MENA, we offer advisory and consulting services in the various technologies including the implementation of ERPs.

Sister Companies


Maall Arabia Advisory

Maal Arabia is a Dubai based consulting firm focused on offering a wide range of services from strategy development and program management to operational optimization, transaction services and asset recovery.

Our main drive is to advise and steer our partners towards improving profitability and accountability through identifying and implementing customized Business and Operating models. Our asset recovery arm/division is set to safeguard your capital investment, in addition we also advise in investment sourcing while our unique investment opportunities are set to boost your business portfolio.

The main areas we operate in with our outmost proficiency, know-how and experience are Investment Sourcing, Strategy Development & Business Planning, Finance & Accounting services, Risk Management & Corporate Governance, Asset Recovery and Asset Rationalization.



National Resources Investments



Live Group LLC



Adyar Real Estate




RAD3 concept is a One-Stop-Shop focused on meeting the clients’ needs by providing a full-package deal:

Riot Control – Supplying full range of products from gear for the riot-control officer to speciality items for entire units.

Ground Forces – Supplying full-package to meet the needs of ground forces, from personal gear for the soldier to equipment and platforms for the platoon and unit.

Homeland Security – Providing training, consulting and gear to protect the boarders, maritime ports, airports, train stations, military bases, prisons and compounds.

Counter and Anti-Terror – Supplying the most advanced counter and anti-terror gear and training S.W.A.T. teams worldwide.

K9 – Supplying trained attack, explosives and charges detection, drug detection, search and rescue dogs as well as training and gear.

NBC – Supplying rings of exposures and identification devices for NBC as well as cleaning and treatment protection devices for dealing will dangerous materials



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Tilal is an Experienced Traditional Capital Management Corporation

Working mainly in the Middle East Region and the Greater Africa. We bring the latest technology and know-how to these regions; through creating partnerships with private and public players in specific sectors and with some scientific organizations, in order to help feed these players’ growth plans and bring prosperity within these regions.

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